Opinion on Earth Day

So Earth Day is today. A little history about Earth Day, Earth Day was initially held in Philadelphia. It was initiated by a group of Penn students and gathered a crowd of 30,000 around Fairmount Water Work. All over the world today, people are looking to increase the awareness of the environment.

But in my mind, I feel that today should not be a celebration, it should be a memorial day. Year after year our environment seems to get worse. We are way better at doing harm compare to doing good. Yes, we are doing good. But we are so slow compare to how fast we are consuming and harming the earth.

Thus I often like to look at today from the same perspective I look at Memorial Day. I like to go to a local park and just sit there in the spring weather and look at the surrounding to pay my respect.


About t5huang

Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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