sustainability from a verb to a noun

Sustainability is slowly transformed from a verb into now a noun. This transformation has positives and negatives. Sustainability as a noun allows it to have a place similar to that of health and safety in an organization. It can be made into a department, can be a core value of a company, a finance driving machine in some perspectives. But sustainability as a noun lose the perks of being a verb. Sustainability as a verb address the process more than the topic. Sustainability is so much engraved as a corporate value now that it is hard to move away from it.

So what drove this change from verb to noun? Well information is the main reason. Without information, it is hard for people to understand a topic unless they go through it personally. So the process is there. But now, one can open up a computer and look up stories about sustainability and take it for granted or more of a third party experience.
The large amount of information that a person can get today also changes perspective. How many % of the chemicals on the periodic table makes up a smart phone? The answer is 50%. Wow that is amazing. If you ask a person what is the ingredient in a pound cake, most people would be able to answer you. But now ask a person what the ingredient is in souplentation’s pound cake and probably only a handful of people can tell you.
So information is the reason for the negatives of the change. But to solve or reverse this negative of the transformation into something positive, information is the key. The use of information through research, analysis, advocating, association, policies, behavior are all ways to bring about another transformation.


About t5huang

Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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