So what if the Keystone XL Pipeline was stopped?

Last weekend, thousands of students marched in DC in protest of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Hundreds were arrested in this peaceful protest as many chained themselves to the fence while others laid on the sidewalk to simulate potential oil spills. The students gathered on March 2nd at Georgetown University and headed toward the White House. With thousands of student marching and hundreds of press media as well of hundreds of police and secret service.
Now, I want to wonder, how many of the students actually care about the Keystone XL? And of those who do, how many actually thought about the topic clearly.

It is funny to see the students who drove their cars to the march. A quick look at the parking lot, I see cars that are consider to be gas guzzlers, there was even a Hummer (although I am not sure if it was park there just for laughs). Moving on, during the march. Students took pictures using their phones, ipad, camera, etc. Some even use all three. It may not seem obvious, but these items require energy to produce and run on energy.

Most of these students are marching to stop the Keystone XL pipeline because they picture oil spills causing damage to the surrounding area, animals cover in oil, drinking water contamination, and the poor poor fauna’s.

Consider what we can do if the pipeline construction is stopped. How are the oil going to get to the refineries? Well given the geography, economy, and politics, train seems like the best option. Which in my perspective will still run into the same kinds of possible disasters as that of pipeline. Consider that most of the tracks actually run through cities along the route, the disasters may actually be worse.

The other option we have is to find alternatives. We will need the energy, and to cut off the oil coming from Canada would mean that we need to find better energy source or conserve. Give a reason why the pipeline should not be constructed, and it is easier for people to follow. Just saying No, does not.


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Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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