SIWI’s new blog on Water
SIWI launched a new blog featuring the topic of water. The site showcases individuals expert in the field of water.
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It was the Scottish philosopher, Adam Smith, who famously stated during the Enlightenment that, contrary to current economic philosophies of the time, ‘’Nothing is more useful than water’. This sentiment carries a message which we at SIWI champion and drive forward today.

As a knowledge institution it is our primary role to generate and promote solutions and tools. As a water institution, those tools are carefully created to enhance water wise decisions for sustainable development. To do this we act as a platform for knowledge-sharing and networking amongst scientists, businesses, policy makers and civil society actors.

Today, I am pleased to say that SIWI knowledge has today obtained another sharing outlet – this blog.

We will be regularly sharing our work in an informal, lively and real time fashion. The blog will host opinions, commentary, photos and videos from our growing team at SIWI as  we deliver collaborative projects to solve water issues around the globe.

2013 has much we are proud of and we have created a few archived posts, so you can explore a few of our activities related to the Stockholm Statement and Budapest Water Summit,  UNFCCC proceedings and Mekong Workshops. But keep tuned as we post new updates and content from the wide range of activities underway for 2014 and onwards.


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