Recent News in Keystone XL

Keystone XL pipeline is a relatively hot topic that is stirring multiple arguments and debates. Early march, there will be a march in the Capital to demonstrate against the project. Yesterday, a judge in Nebraska struck down a state law that gives the Governor the right to approve the routes of the pipeline. This decision is going to delay the project.

Given the recent increase in train problems for shipping energy, TransCanada has been pushing recently for the pipeline. The route is estimated to be 1,100 miles. The project can bring about thousands of jobs during the build phase and few hundred during the use and maintenance phase. So the down side to this would of course the potential hazards that a pipeline can bring. Think of the Keystone XL pipeline like a nuclear powerplant. There is so much upsides and low risk occurrence but high risk once it occurs.

Judge Stephanie F. Stacy’s decision blocks the Governor Dave Heineman’s January approval route. Attorney General Jon Bruning filed an appeal on the decision.


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