Food Waste and Water

There is one problem that most American’s face daily. What to do when you open up your refrigerator and find something expired or spoiled? The simple solution of course is to throw it away. But that’s wasting food. World Resources Institute published an article on food waste saying that 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year around the world.

Food waste is both a local and a global problem, an individual and a national problem. Individually, this means that you are wasting your money on the food, you wasted your time buying or cooking the food, and you are wasting your space in the refrigerator or trashcan. Pope Francis said once that wasting food is the same as stealing. Stealing food from the poor and hungry. The United Nation also showed that food waste is a major contributor to landfill and greenhouse gas emission.

And there is water. Agriculture takes up 70 percent of freshwater use around the world. WRI’s study shows that there are a total of 45 trillion gallons of water wasted yearly on food that are tossed away. A quick google reveals that Lake Mead is about 10 trillion gallons of water. So that is 4.5 Lake Mead of water wasted yearly.

So think about this the next time you go grocery shopping.


About t5huang

Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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