Day 1 of the World Economic Forum 2014

The World Economic Forum 2014 at Davos kicked off today with the welcome message by the executive chairman, Klaus Schwab. Chairman Schwab ask everyone to bring four things to the events. 1. Brain, because the World Economic Forum is where the knowledge is traded. 2. Soul, because no matter how much brain there is, everyone still needs a soul. 3. Heart, because passion, and 4. Nerve because there will be time of tension and stress but nerve will calm it down.

The first day was full of wonderful things. The WEF Crystal Award was given to Matt Damon and if I can say that this is a well-deserved award. The film ‘Running the Sahara’ gave Matt Damon first-hand view on how precious and how important water is. Today, Matt Damon and is trying their best to bring about safe access of drinking water to everyone in the world.

Most people may remember Matt Damon for his roles in various films, but just last year, Matt declared that he will go on a strike and not use a bathroom until everyone has clean water and basic sanitation.

Besides the awards, the day included four wonderful performances and a wonderful welcome reception.


About t5huang

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