NASA and data: An Article by GreenBiz

During my summer internship at WRI, I found a different perspective to climate change and environmental sustainability. I found the problem of data. Since Day one at my internship, I was tasked to provide better data for WRI’s online tools. Data that companies often refer to and use in their reporting.

The article recently published by GreenBiz said, “There is a pressing need for better data…” Whether it is more data, the capacity to store the data, the feasibility of analyzing the data, or the ability to use the data, many are trying to find ways to help solve this problem.

There are all sorts of partnerships that are happening around the world on the problem of data. The article points to how NASA’s GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) are helping collect data on Earth’s fresh water from space. These data measured by the satellites can be used by research centers to help map and understand the freshwater resource by the minute. These data can then in turn help companies by helping them with projections and risk management.

For more information on the article:


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