Review of – Sustainability’s Next Frontier

MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG published the report: Sustainability’s Next Frontier – Walking the Talk on the Sustainability Issues That Matter Most.

The review tries to answer multiple questions all center around the theme of sustainability. Questions like What are the most significant social, environmental and economic sustainability issues confronting companies? How thoroughly are businesses addressing these issues? What are companies that thoroughly address significant sustainability issues doing differently than other companies?

One interesting perspective of this paper is to split the group of companies that are doing sustainability. Those who perceive sustainability as significant and thoroughly address the issues are “walkers”. Those who are just doing sustainability for media and public viewing are addressed as “talker”. And those who are in between are “on the boarder”

Overall the report shows that the walkers are at a different level compare to the talkers. There are even walkers who are unknown because they do not really do reporting, do not strive for rewards, or attempt green marketing. The report also suggest that there is overall a growth in sustainability.

For the full report:


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