P.R. West – Water Sector Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

Are there any commonalities that can be identified among countries in sub-Saharan Africa that are top performers in the WASH sector? Among the weakest performers. Is there a model or framework that can fit these countries?

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is a key region from the perspective of Millennium Development Goals. But with such a diverse group and scattered population in SSA are is no one way to look at WASH performance the region but to evaluate each numbers country by country.

SSA has the lowest drinking water coverage in any region in the world, it is the only region where open defecation percentage is still increasing even with the highest rate of urbanization. Methodology is to identify the highest and lowest wash sector performance countries using data from WHO and UN.
Compare measurements of economic growth, political stability, relief of debt, and surveys. Using data from various think tanks, N.G.O and government.

From the economic growth, Rwanda, Malawi and Gambia are the highest economic growth in the region while Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Lesotho are the bottom three. However, each of these countries still have a higher GDP growth compare to the World average. From a political stability, Zimbabwe is the lowest and Tanzania and Rwanda rounding up the bottom three. From debt relief, Rwanda, Malawi, and Gambia are all receiving full debt relief as well as Tanzania. Through the AMCOW sanitation sector research, Rwanda and Tanzania received the highest point

In general there are no correlation among the various countries in water sector performance in SSA. Although those with higher drinking water coverage tend to have stronger economic growth, but the pattern Is not consistent.


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