Imagine 2050 – The technologies around us according to Veolia

While visiting the Veolia website, I found THE BATHROOM/LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN OF THE FUTURE.

“While increases in population and water demands, the bathroom of the future will include appliances that reduce your water use and save you time.” The website says. With colorful pictures and descriptions of potential technologies that Veolia believes will be common in the near future.

Veolia published Imagine 2050, the innovations we will need in waste, water and energy to ensure a sustainable future. The report shows many technologies that are currently being perfected or adapted into everyday products that can and will become common in the near future. Examples such as

Ultrasonic Appliances: Use of vibration through ultrasonic to remove solids instead of soap

Plant Appliances: use of plants and bacteria to help clean and temperature regulate the air in a house

Sensor Appliances: besides light sensors and touch sensors, the sensors of the future can recognize specific individuals and be adjusted to specific needs

So my reaction after reading the report

–          The technologies are not new but the idea of applying these technologies into applications will be challenging

–          I like the pictures

–          It is great that someone actually took the time to write out something such as this report. Although many in the field are familiar and are working with similar technologies, the fact that Veolia took the time to make the report is just great.

–          The report is easy to read and anyone can understand the pictures


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