First Food and now Weather – The link between Hunger Game and Sustainability

With the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, out this week and already making millions of dollars, I think it is only fair for me to give an evaluation of the movie from a sustainability perspective. Recalling the first movie, where the districts all had to send two tributes to the Capital and how the backdrops between the districts and the capital differ. The movie even made scenes where Katniss stared at the food with awe because she had to struggle for every meal while she was back in the district but now, on the train and in the Capital, she can eat anything at anytime without worries of the next meal.

The second movie that was released this week again made headlines all around the states. In the US, Appalachian State University with its Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week will host interactive game based on the book series this week to promote the importance of food through the book and through the movie. In Weber State University, students launch a Catching Fire premiere and had the money made from the tickets donated to Ghana to help combat against malaria through providing medical equipment and educations.

So what about the second movie? The first movie echo the sustainability of food, while the second movie is more of a sustainability of climate change/severe weather if you know what I mean. If not go watch the movie. I’ll write another post when the DVD comes out as I’ll be able to examine the movie in detail.


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