The New York Wheel – A Green Design for the Future

In the spirit of GreenBuild this week, I was searching around the web and came across a cool design. “The New York Wheel“. As the website of the project stated, “The New York Wheel promises to become one of the City’s and the World’s great landmark attractions.” The project if made true will locate a 630 foot (60 stories tall) Observation Wheel northeast of Staten Island with a ride capacity of over 1,400 per turn.

So how is this project related to GreenBuild? Well the design will be green featured. Not only will the Wheel strive for LEED Platinum, the terminal building will also strive for LEED Platinum. The surrounding park and environment will also give biodiversity and be an oasis in the concrete jungle. The use of wind, water, and solar will bring about potential visual and educational tools for renewable energy in the city.

The project has already gone through various stages and trials and will be set to breakground in 2014.



About t5huang

Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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