The GLobal Latrine Project – A Design by Gary Garmon

Tomorrow is World Toilet Day. To keep in context of celebration around the world, I would like to introduce The Global Latrine Project. The Project is a collaboration between Gary Garmon and Small Small. Gary is currently a design student at The University of Pennsylvania. His experience in Africa inspired him to his design and to this project. During his time in Ghana with the Peace Corp, Gary help developed a composting latrine system for the local school. When he returned, he thought more on the project and started to work more and more on redesigning and eventually he ended up with the current model that is The Global Latrine Project.

The design of the latrine takes into consideration several points:

–          Culture differences between communities while allowing for mass production of the product

–          Culture differences in the use of the product

–          Management issues in terms of assembly, maintenance, and repair

–          Maintenance in terms of parts and replacements

–          Local supply to make design lasting

–          Sturdiness of the material in design

–          Price of the design

–          Delivery system

For more information visit the website


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