Backpack for life – Is a lasting backpack sustainable even if the material is not sustainable?

While looking around Kickstarter, I came across A Better Backpack: Sustainable Design – Sustainable Future. The backpack is built to last a lifetime. The designer saw that the definition of sustainability as a lasting design and not one that is made of 100% recyclable material.

I personally agree with the designer. 100% Cotton Canvas is not the best of materials to use, however the material is strong and can on paper last for a lifetime. The backpack also comes with reinforced padding and selected metal zippers. Not only are the materials chosen to make the backpack all carefully selected and weighted between recyclable and durability as well as others, the process of making the backpack is also very sustainable.

There is only one design for the backpack. This means that in terms of assembling, there is no need to adjust the process to make a different variation or a different design. The unisex design makes it that anyone can use the backpack. “At MIJLO, we believe that fashion doesn’t have to be fast, or disposable, or temporary. We believe it should begin and end with a classic collection of well-designed essentials. And we’re starting that collection with a backpack – A Better Backpack.”

I am looking forward to what other “essentials” the designer will put out in the future. And from the list it seems interesting.


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