Green Tech Program at San Diego High

How I miss the warm weathers of San Diego. After work yesterday, I decided on a walk at Balboa Park and as I walk pass the Automotive Museum, I saw that the landscaping outside the museum was undergoing a change. The old design filled with a green lawn was now gone and in its replacement, a more desert/native garden is underway.

Given that I am studying sustainability, I decided to ask around to see if anyone knows of why the change was taking place and after talking to the security guard at the park, I was told that I should email the group Friends of Balboa Park and ask them about the project. Being completely overwhelmed by work and school, I totally forgot about sending the email last night, but on my drive to work this morning, the radio reminded me of the garden.

The National Public Radio in a short minute summarized what I wanted to know. The garden was part of an educational program that teamed up high school students with experts to transform the landscape. The short minute also introduced me to the world of green tech programs in San Diego High where students have a whole course on Green Tech and are able to take what they learn from the program into use.


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