What to expect in the next four years?

Earlier this week, President Obama devoted a significant portion of his second inaugural speech to climate change citing, “The path toward sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. But America cannot resist this transition; we must lead it.”
Although Obama has had similar speeches in his first term in office, little were done in terms of green technology from the government. Most of the innovation and push came from the public and private sector. However, I feel that a change is coming. That government has decided that it is time to look more into green technology, climate change, and develop a different path for the country.

On one hand, having a stable renewable energy in natural gas, solar, wind, etc will bring about independence on foreign oil. It will also allow for a tighter security check and reduce the number of troops that are currently positioned overseas for reasons related to energy. The reduction in troops will also mean a cutback in terms of budget and these money can be used in other much needed areas back home such as repairing infrastructures and improving education.

To talk of energy is to talk of water. Water will be an important source of debate in the next four years. There will be major changes in the government in terms of energy and water and it is up to the current students and professionals in the field to prepare for this change. The last 100 years was the century of oil, the next 100 years will no longer be and for what it will be whether it is natural gas or wind or solar or bio-fuel, it will be our task to push forward.


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Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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