Hurricane Sandy: Just How Big was the Superstorm’s Impact on Climate Change?

2012 ended with two major events both with relation in terms of their name. The shooting at Sandy Creek which set in notion major movements in gun control and super storm Hurricane Sandy which brought about major damage to the Eastern Seaboard. In terms of impact. The shooting at Sandy Creek brought about a whole movement in gun control. President Obama even assign Vice President Biden to lead a group in reforming the gun control laws. Newspaper and other media raised topics of interest that stirred arguments, the notable one being Pierce Morgan.

As a MES student, I have the thought that Hurricane Sandy should have had the same impact on climate change but it seems that the impact of the super storm is just minimal. Yes, like all other disasters, Sandy showed the humanity aspect of humans. Donations, volunteers, resources, etc all arrived at the needy locations. But in some aspect, Sandy became another Katrina, another Morake.

Somehow people seems to forget how climate is the key issue. The article, UN Climate Scientist: Sandy no Coincidence, mentioned several key points including:

1. Carbon emission: regulation when, where, why, how, and who

2. Risk assessment: perception, value, uncertainties

3. Sea level: numbers, location, damages

4. Hurricanes: frequency, impact, rebuilding

5. Government: role, laws, etc

So just how much impact was Sandy? I feel it is minimal because government focus was shifted to the financial and gun control these last month. It is up to the environmental studies and scientists as well as concern individuals to again bring up the topic to assess the risk and to push for rules and regulations to deal with superstorms of the future.


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Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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