Finding Green: How cool are these projects

Green is not a new word when it comes to environmental topics. Yet I am struggling to see how much behind and slow marketing and business practices are at adapting Green. In the same perspective Organic materials made its statement in products ranging from food to clothing to furniture, Green will be the next big thing. Green goods will stir a trend like what organic goods did a few years back. For example Walgreen is in the process of launching a new line of products that are green, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Other examples like SAP, the software giant)’s intention of establishing a green cloud based network where the system can be use as an informative and educative location.

Yes those examples above are great but they are old ideas with a green twist. When I say finding green, I mean it in two ways: 1. new ideas that are environmental friendly whether they are themselves sustainable like Walgreen’s products or informative like SAP’s. and 2. new ideas that are million dollar if not billion dollar ideas.

The two example that I would like to point out all have to do with actual greens or plants. The first is the idea of breathing billboard. As a daily commuter of the horrible LA traffic. It would be cool to see something different. A life object is always more intriguing than something that is dead. I see the breathing billboard as a new marketing perspective for the billboard industry and if the words are out, there might be companies that are willing to blend the breathing billboard with their own advertisement. For example a car commercial with a green background (to promote its fuel efficiency and eco-friendly features)? a local zoo commercial with a forest background to attract kids?


The next idea of looking for green where there were none is that of a green carpet. The Mann Library at Cornell University features a cool looking section where students can De-stress by rolling on actual grass indoors. The grass are all native and natural which means that it will require watering and maintenance, but think of the business opportunities. There are already various grass areas indoor such as those found at local shopping centers, airports, and or even large business complex. But to have one that individuals can interactive with? that is something different. It is not just grass that I am talking about here. The possibilities are limitless. For example a restaurant with a picnic area that can cater to couples on dates? on one hand no tables and chairs are required while on the other hand it gives a different perspective. How about a green grass movie theater. Anyone that has been to an outdoor venue like Rose Bowl knows the feeling of sitting on a hilly grassy area while enjoying a concert. Image


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