Chrysler – Finally in the Electric Car Business

Over the weekend in California, I saw a huge billboard while driving on the 5 freeway with an image of a Chrysler Fiat 500 and the words “No Gas? No Problem.”

Chrysler is about to release the first plug in vehicle in company history tonight (11/18/2012). The vehicle is based on the Fiat 500, a relatively popular small car, that Chrysler first introduced to the US market few years ago. The popularity of Fiat 500 has grew every year since and there have been an increase in the number of Fiat only dealerships around the country.

The reason for Chrysler’s release of the plug in vehicle is to comply with regulation. No not with federal regulation but with California regulations. California requires that all all automakers produce and market a certain percentage of cars that emits no pollutants. But because of this, the Chrysler / Fiat 500 electric vehicle will only be available in California. What a bummer…

But since it is a California release, Chrysler is making it big as the car will be used in the American Music Award as the official vehicle of the award show and will officially be released in early December following the LA Auto Show.


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