Renewable Resource: WHY UC SAN DIEGO’s Student Price Center is Green

Yesterday in class, the topic of Renewable Resource was brought up and during the lecture the picture of where these resources are located in the US was brought up.
Looking at the map, I laughed a bit on the inside. This is because for a sustainable design class, I have been working on the topic of green building in which I picked UC San Diego’s Student Price Center. One thing special about San Diego as the map above shows is that it has all of the different types of renewable resources available for use and research.

The Building itself, though one can argue can be more green and more sustainable. But because of the various points that are discussed in the paper below, I will argue that it is in fact quite sustainable.
The following is a short research paper on why UC San Diego’s Student Price Center is Green and Sustainable

The power point presentation for the paper follows

Green building presentation


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Masters in Environmental Science at UPenn Candidate
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